Photos: Mother Feather played Rockwood Music Hall

Pics by Rodrigo Fredes

Mother Feather-14

Mother Feather-13

Brooklyn’s own self proclaimed “pop cock rock” quintet Mother Feather are currently involved in a residency at the Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan (dubbed “Pop Cock Rocktober”) that started earlier this month on 10/9, and continued with a gig on 10/16, and is scheduled to end this Friday night (10/23) with Mieka Pauley, Denny Love and others [more info].

The crew are rocking The Big Apple in support of their impending self-titled full-length debut, which they plan to release sometime next year through Metal Blade Records. Brand new photos from their latest gig can be seen in this post. Make sure to follow the gang here for more info!

Mother Feather-5

Mother Feather-1

Mother Feather-2

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