“Black Metal Fest” going down at Blackthorn 51 (Black Paradise, Discordia, Jotunheim + more)

Black Paradise

Tomorrow (9/10), Queens, NY-based rock bar/venue Blackthorn 51 will host the 2016 “Black Metal Fest,” sponsored by Metal Attack and featuring a night filled of blasphemous shrieks and shreds courtesy of the likes of Black Paradise, Discordia, Esclavos NY, Jotunheim, Night Rite and Hellreign.

Pandemonium starts promptly at 9:30pm, with doors slated for 9pm. This concert is 18+ with valid ID, with admission being a measly 10 bucks (though if you’re under 21, it’ll cost you $15).

Make sure to check out the official show flyer below and a video teaser here.