Photos: Insane Clown Posse drenched Brooklyn in Faygo (10/23)

Pics by Mathieu Bredeau


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their fourth studio full-length and best selling album to date dubbed The Great Milenko, The notorious Insane Clown Posse brought their commemorative tour to Brooklyn this past Monday, October 23rd. Presented by local promoters AdHoc, the gig was initially scheduled for Villain and later changed to Brooklyn Bazaar, only to finally find a home at outdoor venue The Well in Bushwick.

Arriving fashionably late and after plenty of “What The F–K!” chants from eager Juggalos, the demented clown duo hit the stage to The Great Milenko‘s intro track (which, if you didn’t know, features the legendary Alice Cooper), and calmly kicking off with the LP’s somber title-track, which lead directly into the catchy “Hokus Pokus.” By the fourth song of the evening, “Piggy Pie,” all hell had broken loose and endless amounts of two liter sodas of Faygo were being sprayed all over the audience, stage and poor security guards attempting to the hold the peace and control the countless crowd-surfers tumbling over the slippery barricade.

From there on, ICP‘s momentum never slowed down, and the gross amount of sugary soft drinks being spewed across the hundreds in attendance only increased in force. The horrorcore twosome, accompanied onstage by their masked henchmen, power through their late running set, performing Great Milenko classics likes “Southwest Voodoo,” “Halls of Illusions,” “What is a Juggalo?,” “House of Horrors,” “Boogie Woogie Wu,” “Down With the Clown,” and more. The band invited as many fans who could get past security to join them onstage for the show’s last track, “Pass Me By,” causing an already unstable stage to wobble even more. With that, a drenched Brooklyn said goodbye to their psychopathic clown heroes.

The Great Milenko is available in 20th Anniversary CD/DVD form at this location. All upcoming ICP tour dates can be viewed here.

Check out our exclusive photos, including a few shots of openers Lyte and R.A. the Rugged Man, from the Brooklyn gig in the gallery below.

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