Upcoming shows at The Kingsland (Billy Club Sandwich, Ghastly City Sleep, Lionize + more)

A Killer’s Confession headline The Kingsland next month…

Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s The Kingsland (269 Norman Ave.) have been keeping busy, booking a bunch great rock and metal gigs. We’ve compiled a list of what’s coming up before the end of 2017 and beyond. Make sure to follow the venue on social media for more info!

Coming soon to The Kingsland:

12/02 – Billy Club Sandwich, Dissent [TIX]

12/03 – Bobaflex, Jacob Cade, Despyre, Metal Hawks [TIX]

12/06 – Replacire, Letallis, Afterbirth, Detach the Islands [TIX]

12/07 – Huck, Harrison Lipton, Live Jasmine [TIX]

12/08 – SECT, Sick Shit, Crushed, Blackest [TIX]

12/09 – Ghastly City Sleep, Psychic Teens, Good News, Sitting Duck [TIX]

12/14 – Lorna Shore [TIX]

12/15 – The December Boys, Bird Streets, Men and Whales, Joe Benoit [TIX]

12/16 – Sheer Terror, Lion’s Cage [TIX]

12/17 – A Killer’s Confession, Awake At Last, You Are A Toy, One Day Waiting [TIX]

12/22 – Cro-Mags, Line Of Scrimmage, Mindtrip [TIX]

12/29 – Lionize, Skunk Daze [TIX]

01/06 – Small Drag, Demons, Aspine [TIX]

01/19 – Underdog [TIX]

01/27 – Captain We’re Sinking [TIX]

02/22 – I Set My Friends On Fire, Kissing Candice, Awaken I Am [TIX]

02/23 – Bury Your Dead, Recon, Great American Ghost [TIX]

Some streams below: