NYC area concert listings for Jan. 1 – 7, 2018

Dick Vomit spews all over Lucky 13 Saloon this Friday…

Happy New Year! Check out what’s going down this week!

1/2 – FlatBox PresentsFern MayoDump Him, Fleabite, Mallrat (solo) @ Sunnyvale [TIX]

1/4 – Runny, Trashy, The Minutes, Nola Gras, The Last Throes, A Friend Who Bleeds @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

1/5 – Alien Girls, Groupie, Deer Scout, kfeelz @ Trans Pecos [TIX]

1/5 – Bedpan Fight, The Challenged, This’ll Kill Ya, Carter & the Bad News, Postcard @ The Kingsland [TIX]

1/5 – Dick Vomit, Toke, Skullsplitter, Abnegation, Karnage Krew @ Blackthorn 51 [tix at the door]

1/5 – Monument of Memory Zoume, Minus the Love, Koba, The Worst of Us, First Wake @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

1/5 – Paragnosis, Sweet Magna, Answer Infinity, Crimshaw @ Lucky 13 Saloon [tix at the door]

1/5 – The Teknoist, Dj Skull Vomit, Joy Through Noise, Digit216 @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

1/6 – Balance and Composure @ Bowery Ballroom [TIX]

1/6 – Eye of the Destroyer, Pravda, Mother Harlot, Dissentience @ Lucky 13 Saloon [tix at the door]

1/6 – Eyehategod @ Saint Vitus (early show) [TIX]

1/6 – Eyehategod @ Saint Vitus (late show) [sold out!]

1/6 – Small Drag, Demons, Aspine @ The Kingsland [TIX]

1/7 – Bilge Rat, Danny Christmas, Premiums @ Alphaville [TIX]

1/7 – Monster Bad, Power Funeral, CUTTERS @ The Kingsland [TIX]

1/7 – Noisem, Blame God, Nightfear, Deject @ Saint Vitus (2pm) [TIX]

1/7 – Pants Exploder, Tallah, Vibrator, Eye of the Destroyer @ Saint Vitus [TIX]


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