More Bands Added To Long Island Deathfest 2009

More bands have been added to the first annual Long Island Deathfest, which will take place tomorrow Saturday, July 18, at Traxx Bar & Lounge in Ronkonkoma, NY.

Here’s the up-to-date list of bands who are scheduled to rip your face off:

Anal Blast (MN)
Hecate (DE)
Dimentianon (NY)
VadimVon (SC)
Demized (NY)
Plagued Existence (NY)
Viaticum (NY)
Re-Creation (NY)
Horrendous (NY)
Suppressed Theory (NY)
Dry Heave (NY)
Car Ride Home (VA)
March To Victory (PA)
Atrophia (NJ)
Warborne (NY)
Vibrational Relativity (NY)