Meet Anthrax On November 15th At Best Buy In NYC

New York speed/thrash metal veterans Anthrax have released the following statement:

MEET ANTHRAX – 2 PM EST on Nov. 15 at the Best Buy grand opening in Union Square (Manhattan, NYC) –

We’ll be pimping our new AMONG THE LIVING REMASTER – so stop by and have us sign it.

Will we bring a singer? If you bring in your laptop will Rob install Windows 7 on it? Can you challenge Scott to Guitar Hero? We don’t know but we can’t wait to see your smiling faces and help us trash Best Buy’s new store.

Till then Happy Halloween!

PS – Don’t forget to get Scott‘s new LOBO “HIGHWAY TO HELL” comic, out Nov 4. It’s like Among The Living if by living you mean killing the souls of the damned in Hell. –