Mares of Thrace, Batillus, Sky Burial & Mortals to hit Saint Vitus

Female sludge/doom metal duo Mares of Thrace will take to the road next week for a month-long North American tour in support of their upcoming full-length record, The Pilgrimage, which is scheduled for release on April 24th through Sonic Union Metal. You can listen to a new track titled “Act I: David Glimpses Bathsheba” over at Pitchfork, and stream three songs from Mares of Thrace‘s 2010 debut album, below.

A show at BK’s Saint Vitus has been set for Tuesday, May 15th, with Batillus, Sky Burial and Mortals. Tickets are on-sale now – 21+ only.

UPDATE: Mares of Thrace‘s The Pilgrimage full album stream now available at