Cancelled: Ghoul at Saint Vitus

Due to “shitdickery” Ghoul have been forced to cancel their appearance at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus, which was scheduled for October 21st. The band released the following statement…

We are very sorry to announce that we have to cancel our appearance at St Vitus in Brooklyn this coming Sunday due to massive shitdickery on our part. We’ll try to make it up to anyone who was planning on going in the coming year. There’s still an awesome show happening with Satan’s Satyrs, No Stayer, and Destroyed In Seconds, so by all means go to the show! And if you don’t mind traveling a little we will still be playing at NJDF on Saturday night. Right across the river. One PATH Train ride and you’re there.

As stated, Satan’s Satyrs, No Stayer, and Destroyed In Seconds are still on for the show. Advance tickets are available.