Taake postpone upcoming North American tour (NYC appearance might still happen)


Norwegian black metal overlords Taake, led by the infamous Hoest, have been forced to postpone their upcoming North American run with Wolvhammer and Young And In The Way due to visa issues:

We are sorry to have inform you that the upcoming Taake US tour has been postponed. This is due to an unforeseen and serious issue with Taake’s visa status. Immigration specialists are working to correct the matter as quickly as possible. We are doing our best to save the scheduled NYC shows and on re-scheduling the rest of the tour.

As they mention, the band’s appearance at the previously discussed three-day “Stardust V” showcase at Saint Vitus on June 26 & 28 is in jeopardy. The show’s promoter added the following:

I’ve just been informed on the issues with Taake’s visas. News is still coming in. There are still chances that they get the papers in time for the two NYC shows. In that case new plane tickets would have to be purchased. Please don’t panic, we’re doing our best to figure out possibilities.

Even if the tour is cancelled, Stardust V GOES ON. Too many amazing acts booked to throw it all away, asides from the fact that plane tickets for Fell Voices and Mutilation Rites have been purchased already.

We’re looking at all scenarios at the moment, a replacement, partial refund at the door whatever will work best for everyone. Lots of money has been invested and spent for this already, and something good will come out of it regardless of Taake’s turnout.
Thank you all for understanding. It’s a tough spot to be in and we need your support and patience for now, until we know more.

“Stardust V” took another hit last month when it was announced that Bethlehem had dropped off the bill, because they broke up.

Stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile, Saturday tickets and Sunday tickets still remain. A few three-day passes are also available.