Gig Coverage: Circadian Clock Host “A Very Vile Birthday Bash” (6/20/15)

By Marissa Rodriguez

How can we describe the events that transpired this past Saturday, June 20, 2015 at the Kymberle Project in Brooklyn? It was an event that many would find nearly impossible to pull off. Some of the best local NYC talent gathered together to celebrate the scene and life of one of its most awesome perpetrators, Melissa Vile of Circadian Clock. Music, comedy, improv, visual art, games, and drag, among other things served to provide the ambiance for an evening that most in attendance should not soon forget.

Comedian Sidney Gantt delivered a preliminary stand-up comedy routine that hilariously tackled young-adulthood and modern racism among other themes and really loosened up the crowd for the remainder of the show.

Sidney Gantt
Sidney Gantt

The Umbrellamen performed a series of entertaining improv skits that utilized much of the main space and set up an atmosphere of playful exuberance ready to be ripped into sixth gear by the following act.

Matthew Silver, the self-described ‘fartist’ who is a local NYC and online sensation, grabbed the room’s attention and jarred the very notions of our own existence, at one point stripping down totally into the nude and even getting audience members to behave childishly and bark like dogs.

Matthew Silver
Matthew Silver

Millicent Drag Queen MC’ed much of the musical portion of the evening, including having her own performance with a ravishing Burlesque rendition of “Blame the Democrats”, and thoroughly heartfelt and verbose intros for both Circadian Clock and Libricide.

Millicent Drag Queen
Millicent Drag Queen

The Stumblebum Brass Band started things off with some unique chaos of their own. Their sporadic, horn-instead-of-strings section was loud and abrasive enough to grab any patron’s attention and offered a raw musical introduction fitting for the space’s do-it-yourself atmosphere.


Libricide are a progressive rock/fusion band from NYC and offered a more refined and even catchier and straight-ahead approach to musical entertainment for the evening. With dynamic chord structures, passionate and witty vocals and soaring melodies and guitar, their performance provided ample excitement support and ambiance for the headlining act and remainder of the evening.


Circadian Clock was the act of the evening. All the tireless hours of venue searching and securing, organization and promotion of the event culminated with a performance that truly did all their unseen hard work justice. Not only was the lighting and sound on point, but the band’s performance reflected an energy and tightness that was well recognized as having been prepared for a show of this size. They entertained old and brought in new fans alike, with prog and indie rock classics like “Brightside” along with material from their upcoming album. They were truly the apple of the evening’s eye, thanks in no small part to their tenacity for setting up a truly well-thought-out and thoroughly riveting show.


Uglybraine closed out the evening with an extensive hour-and-a-half plus hip-hop/soul/fusion set ripe with rhythmic beats, melodic instrumentation and catchy vocal delivery. They held the audience until 3AM and the very last minute the space had been available.

All together the night proved to be a great success in its amalgamation of both varying talent and minds in the NYC local scene and a DIY environment and work-ethic that fostered a greater sense of creativity and openness among everyone involved. Those in attendance enjoyed an evening of unique freedom perfect to usher in the beginning of summer 2015.

Check out the full photo gallery from the evening below.

Sidney Gantt
Sidney Gantt

Matthew Silver

Millicent Drag Queen:

Millicent Drag Queen

Millicent Drag Queen2

Millicent Drag Queen3

Stumblebum Brass Band:














Circadian Clock: