The Grand Victory is closing this week (here are the final shows)


Another great one bites the bust, as punk/rock/metal venue and bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn The Grand Victory is set to close its doors for good on July 31st. The nightspot’s general manager Sean Dougherty confirmed they were shutting down last month via a social media post, which also states they are in the process of finding a new location and hope to be up and running again by early 2017. Goodbye, so long (for now).

The Grand Victory have a lot of great acts lined up for their final week, including the likes of Tournament, Hymen Holocaust and Subzero. Check out the full itinerary below…

7/25 – Dead Stars, Such Hounds, Year of Dragon [tix]

7/26 – Ice Balloons, King Pussyface, Cinema Cinema, Chorizo, Lex Loser [tix]

7/27 – Tournament, MAMMAL, Bowhead, Skull Practitioners, The FTW [tix]

7/28 – Crown of Thornz, Chesty Malone and the Slice ‘em Ups, Rebelmatic [tix]

7/29 – Metalleg, Boytoy [tix]

7/30 – John Doe [tix]

7/30 – Hymen Holocaust, Born Loose, Live Ones (late show) [tix]

7/31 – Subzero, Antidote NYHC 1983, Ultra Violence, Darkside NYC (matinee) [tix]

7/31 – Stalkers [tix]