Gig Coverge: Born of Osiris & Volumes shattered NYC’s Gramercy Theatre (6/25)

Born of Osiris

The sold-out ‘New Reign Tour Pt. 2’ finally came to NY and it hit as hard as the blizzard did that stopped it from coming to NY earlier this year. The line-up was on point and I’m happy they worked NYC back into the tour. The openers, Betraying the Martyrs and Widowmaker were on point with their brutality and leg work. To me though, Within the Ruins, Volumes, and Born of Osiris are all headliners, and they performed just that way.

Within the Ruins brought great energy, running around on stage and getting the crowd moving. Paolo Galang is a monster on the bass and he occasionally threw a few spin kicks, giving off wind that could be felt in the front row. They played a healthy mix of material, helping lead the way for what was to come next, Volumes.

The lights went out and the sounds of the ‘James Bond’ theme song set in, revving the crowd for the impending heaviness. Something about theme music before a metal set always pumps me up. I thought maybe Volumes would start out with classic breakdowns to accompany their high energy music but they went right into one of their new songs, the riffy “Left for Dead,” from their brand new album Different Animals. They played a fresh mix of songs, new and old, and in the end, they let the audience pick the last song of the set, between “The Mixture” and “Wormholes,” the latter track won hands down.

Volumes vocalists Gus Farias and Myke Terry make a pretty unstoppable duo from screaming to singing to blowing gooey snot rockets. I actually narrowly avoided Myke’s loogie at one point, and right there I had a realization, it was the first time in a metal photo pit where I thought to myself, why am I not dodging more shit when I take photos? Most metal bands, or death metal bands seem to stand still to make sure the mathematics are right when they play their hand machines. But, when you have two pot smoking metalheads from LA, they give you a reason to move, from spitting into the air to getting in your face and constantly jumping onto the barricades to sing with their fans, they bring the noise and the funk. Not to mention, bassist Raad Soudani had a sweet signature leopard skin coat. The band even invited a guy from the audience to smoke a blunt with them on stage.

After that gut-punching act, Born of Osiris hit the stage and played 2007’s The New Reign from start to finish, which blew my mind. For me, I got into Born of Osiris, Volumes, and Within the Ruins at the same time back in 2011. So, this album was exactly what I wanted to hear. Personally, I like the old recording better, the sound was dynamically more entertaining. Ten years later, The New Reign has the same chugging guitar overtone over the whole album and it ends up sounding a little monotonous live. Nonetheless, amazing album, amazing band.

Born of Osiris drummer, Cameron Losch, slammed down all the hard hitting fills concocted throughout the album. As for the rest of the band, they put on a solid performance and had fun while doing it. At one point, where the breakdown is led in by the accompanying keys, the audio went out due to a technical issue. They quickly fixed the problem and by the next song they were up and running again. Overall, the crowd seemed to have a blast, creating a pit the size of a crater, and all the bands killed it on stage as well. I’m happy this tour finally made it to NYC.

Get all remaining ‘New Reign Tour Pt. 2’ tour dates, here. Volumes return to NYC at PlayStation Theater on October 9, for a show with Issues (get tickets).

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