Gig Coverage: Midnight Oil & The Living End occupied Terminal 5 (8/21)

Pics by Wayne Herrschaft

Midnight Oil

‘The Great Circle 2017 World Tour’ rolled into New York City at Terminal 5 this past Monday, August 21st. Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett left his political career in the Australian House of Representatives to return to the respectability of rock and roll. The band opened the return to their roots with “Redneck Wonderland,” with Garrett asking the crowd to, “Just think what would have happened if everybody had voted?” While he waxed political in such bombastic snippets, one wondered if he sang upon entering the Australian House in the day. How can one complain much about the singer picking up CNN’s signal while this band was burning up the venue, though?

Midnight Oil performed a total of 22 songs (view the setlist below) including favorites like “Read About It,” “Golden Age,” “Heart Is Nowhere” (tour debut), “Dreamworld,” “Is It Now? (another tour debut),” “Kosciusko,” “Now or Never Land,” “Best of Both Worlds,” and “Beds Are Burning.” The band’s setlist was augmented with a cover of The Clash‘s classic “London Calling” (on what would of been Joe Strummer‘s 65th birthday). With the recent talk of war games in Korea, the songs “When the Generals Talk,” and “U.S. Forces” resonated deeply in these perilous times we live in, hoping for peace to win a dark horse election of its own.

The encore of “Forgotten Years” closed the set, and made one remember just how brightly Midnight Oil can burn. The power and the passion of the band was evident, moving fans to fill all of the venues they have played across the globe on the current tour (see all upcoming dates).

The festivities began with a 9-song set by Melbourne’s own The Living End. Numbers including “Second Solution,” “Roll On,” “End of the World,” and “West End Riot” were beyond a mere appetizer for the feast that was to come.

Photo coverage from the NYC show continues below. Earlier this year, Midnight Oil performed at Webster Hall, which recently closed for renovations.

Midnight Oil Terminal 5 8/21 setlist:

01. Redneck Wonderland
02. Read About It
03. Golden Age
04. Brave Faces
05. Short Memory
06. Heart Is Nowhere
07. Dreamworld
08. Truganini
09. London Calling (The Clash cover)
10. Is It Now?
11. My Country
12. When the Generals Talk
13. US Forces
14. Tin Legs and Tin Mines
15. Kosciusko
16. Now or Never Land
17. Power and the Passion
18. The Dead Heart
19. Beds Are Burning
20. Blue Sky Mine
21. Best of Both Worlds

22. Forgotten Years

The Living End:

Midnight Oil: