Gig Coverage: Bruce Dickinson celebrated the release of his new book in Brooklyn (10/31)

Halloween night is normally associated with costumes and acts of “trick-or-treating,” however, for a group of local fans it was a treat spent at a sold out Saint Vitus for Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson‘s “What Does This Button Do?” book release party and signing session.

Excited fans lined up prior to doors opening, with the gig’s line stretching down the street and around the corner. Once inside, attendees were given a copy of Bruce‘s new autobiography, plus complimentary drinks in the form of Iron Maiden‘s signature “Trooper” beer. It should be noted that Saint Vitus’ walls were covered in decorative Trooper beer flags and posters.

An eager crowd made its way into the back of the venue, filling up every inch available. Soon enough, the lights dimmed and the stage screen lit up with an intro video and, in true Iron Maiden fashion, Bruce ran through a super tight BK locale, blinding fans with a mini flashlight while making eerie faces.

Bruce took to the stage and spoke to a packed Vitus crowd, presenting a slideshow and offering stories to go along with each image being displayed. Such pictures ranged from Bruce at the age of 15, letters illustrating his poor school conduct, and of course, his time with Iron Maiden.

Along with a quick-fire Q&A at the end of the event, show-goers were treated to a reading from the book’s jolting chapter simply titled “Fuck Cancer.” For just a few moments, the room calmed down and remained completely silent as Dickinson dove into subjects such as being diagnosed with throat cancer, dealing with treatment for said ailment, and other experiences regarding that period of time in his life. The heavy metal legend undoubtable left a huge mark in Brooklyn.

Bruce Dickinson‘s new book, “What Does This Button Do?,” which graced ‘The Sunday Times Bestsellers’ list, is available for purchase now in various formats including in audiobook version.

Stick to for future news. More photos from social media can be viewed below.

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