NYC area concert listings for Dec. 18 – 24, 2017

The Slackers play two nights at The Bell House later this week…

Here’s a list of rock and metal shows going down in NYC this week:

12/18 – FV, Watermedown, Walkney, Rent Party, Balcony Talk, ACOP @ Goldsounds [TIX]

12/18 – Gnarcissist, Coco Verde, Da Pop, Beechwood @ Saint Vitus [free!]

12/19 – Arms, Mary Todd, Triple Cripple, Wreath of Tongues @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

12/21 – Like Ashes We Fall, Elephantkiller, Narc, Graces of Chaos, Winterwolf @ Lucky 13 Saloon [free!]

12/20 – Stimulant, Mad Diesel, Fluoride, Oxalate @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

12/21 – Shadow of Intent, Necropia, Sentinels, Muerte, The Hearkening @ Gramercy Theatre [TIX]

12/21 – Such Gold, Original Sharks, Hot Knife, Awful Din @ Goldsounds [TIX]

12/21 – The Nuclears, The Brunswick, Dead Things @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

12/22 – Ceremony, Nothing, Remote Control @ Saint Vitus [sold out!]

12/22 – Cro-Mags, Line of Scrimmage, Silence Equals Death, The Last Stand, Combust, Mindtrip @ The Kingsland [TIX]

12/22 – The Slackers, Sammy Kay, Crazy & The Brains, DJ Boogaloo Pete @ The Bell House [TIX]

12/23 – Ceremony, Nothing, Uniform Ruby @ Saint Vitus [sold out!]

12/23 – The Slackers, The World / Inferno Friendship Society, The Fad, DJ Lady Gemini @ The Bell House [TIX]


Did we miss anything? If so, let us know in the comments.

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