Coverage: Shadow of Intent annihilated Gramercy Theatre (12/21)

Shadow of Intent

‘The Slaughter Before Christmas’ at Gramercy Theatre on Dec. 21st was a great fucking show! I don’t care if you were there, but you wish you were. But good as the openers were, you couldn’t tell when the acts changed.

The one thing that I found odd was one band’s twirling of the umbrellas and I still don’t know how I feel about it. If you find it weird to be reading this, I found it even weirder to watch. As much as bands need their gimmicks all I could think was “where’s Mary Poppins?”

The show’s lighting could’ve been a lot better, but the show was still great, so who cares? Not the hundreds of people in the audience having a great time.

It’s a surprise this is only Shadow of Intent’s second show because they had a phenomenal set in NYC. Metal Sucks’ Phil Boozeman rated their new album Reclaimer the third best of 2017 and I can see why, they kept the seats empty and the crowd moshing.

In an extra bit of drama, the insecurity guards were so desperate for attention it was clear they missed being on the stage themselves. But even with that said, I would go again: this show was great!

Check out a few photos from the gig below.

Coming next month to Gramercy Theatre:

02/17 – Of Mice and Men, blessthefall, Fire From the Gods, Cane Hill, MSCW
02/21 – Intervals, Jason Richardson, Night Verses, Nick Johnston
02/22 – Uriah Heep



Shadow of Intent: