Introducing HOT GOBLIN, the new project from the demented mind of Dylan Lappin

Happy New Year, compadres!!!

2017 was one hell of a year for music, am I righ’? Concerts up the wazoo. We had bands coming back from the dead. Bands saying goodbye forever; referencing The Dillinger Escape Plan, who fucking killed it at their farewell shows in NYC last month, and I’m super happy I got to be there. Plus, new bands forming all the time, which we’ll expand on soon. Getting to work for Next Mosh this past year, as one of the photographers, has been amazing. Getting to shoot some of my favorite bands up front was surreal. Having Chino Moreno from Deftones looking down my camera barrel was the rush I always wanted when I started shooting concert photography. Lights flashing, vocalist screaming, crowd-surfers crashing into your head, guitarist hair blowing, bands climbing the stage, just people in general having a fucking unbelievable time. It was a blast!

Luckily for me, I got to grow up around a lot of venues and a time when firehouses, American legions, and basements were being utilized a little more often. Naturally, I formed several bands throughout my life. None of them really panned out to be anything but still never stopped me from creating. Grandpa Peanut Butter was my first creation towards end of high school and that shit was FUN. That ended pretty quickly due to people not showing up to practice and me never finding other members. Lame. At that point, I ended up learning most instruments and recording programs. Whether it be with Cool Edit Pro, Fruity Loops, Reason, GarageBand and now Logic, I just loved making my own music from all kinds of genres. Last year, I was the drummer in a death metal band, Dead Corpse, but due to disagreements we ended up disbanding. Side note: for some reason I would throw up while playing drums when we played live, so for the few who got to witness that, good job.

I thought it was time to start going through all my recordings and see what songs were “album ready” (even if they weren’t absolutely perfect). I finally ended putting something together that I thought was worthy of a listen. I kinda, sorta consider it a demo because I performed and recorded all instruments on it which can be quite a tedious process and I know it can sound better, but I’d really like to just think of it as my first solo album. This is literally something I started 5 years ago and have updated it along the years until it was up to par with something I would normally see on Spotify or want to actually listen to. I recorded mostly through Logic and a little bit through GarageBand here and there but, being alone, you can only get so much done. It can be frustrating recording by yourself because you would rather be in a studio worrying only about your playing instead of recording, engineering, mixing, and mastering. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy doing all the work, but I still have some learning ahead for me.

Without further ado, I present my new project, Hot Goblin, and a concept album based on a man in the search for something, only to find out there will always be something, but in the end, it will all mean nothing. Definitely a little based on my life and Don Hertzfeldt’s, “It’s Such a Beautiful Day.” The one big difference is the obstacles he gets into, being something you and I will never experience. Hot Goblin doesn’t really live on this planet; so when he has to play football against, literally, the Giant Ravens of Baltimore, it’s not that strange. He is in fact a normal man, except he feels more comfortable wearing a goblin mask to cloak whoever he really is. The album as of now, doesn’t go through the whole story but with time and a budget, shit, this album will be louder, crazier, and a little more heart-warming. The album also includes two cover songs of well-known rap songs, when rap meets metal, baby! Let’s get weird!

With that said, I am super pumped with this album and super excited to get it out. So far, the greatest compliment I got was from the amazing Richard Christy, “Heavy vocals and great riffs! Congrats!” I mean shit, it’s from thee Richard Christy of such bands as Death, Iced Earth and of course, “The Howard Stern Show.” “Rotting while they breathe. Death comes slow.” Death is a huge influence to me. Rest in Peace, Chuck Schuldiner.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and check out the album. I really hope you enjoy it. Also, thank you for having a platform such as this to get my story out.


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Artwork by Amanda LaMarco