Pics: Whores., Primitive Weapons, Plaque Marks & Husbandry raided Saint Vitus (2/26)

Photos by Jonathan Arevalo


Fresh off a round of dates with Darkest Hour and Extinction A.D., Atlanta power trio Whores. brought their high-energy display to Brooklyn at Saint Vitus this past Monday night (Feb. 26th), clobbering an energized house with tracks from their debut full-length Gold., plus goodies off EPs Ruiner and Clean. For those of you who might be reading this from the west, the band comes through your coast starting in April with Bummer and Helms Alee on select dates. Don’t miss out.

The evening featured direct support from local greats Primitive Weapons, who, for this show, featured Thursday‘s Tucker Rule on drums (filling in for regular drummer Chris Enriquez who was out-of-state performing with his other band Spotlights). Tracks off the band’s latest offering, the monstrous The Future of Death, sounded huge in the small confinements of Vitus. Primitive Weapons return to the stage in the spring for a ‘Rocks Off Concert Cruise’ with Burn on April 8 [TIX].

Philly’s Plaque Marks and Brooklyn’s Husbandry got the party started early, immediately kicking the evening’s mood into high gear. Check out exclusive photos from the entire night in the gallery below!

Up next at Saint Vitus:

3/2 – Mammoth Grinder, Skullshitter, Siege Column
3/3 – Oceans of Slumber, Binary Code, Paragnosis
3/4 – Conan, The Ditch And The Delta, Godmaker, Goat Wizard


Plaque Marks:

Primitive Weapons:


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