Azonic (Khanate, Blind Idiot God) playing BK w/ Brown Angel + more

Azonic live by Sam Polcer

Supporting their latest effort Prospect Of The Deep Volume One, Brooklyn’s Azonic (ft. members of Khanate & Blind Idiot God) have confirmed a headlining hometown show for later this month.

Presented by Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, the local gig happens at Saint Vitus on March 21, and will feature support from PA noise rockers Brown Angel, plus Marc Edwards/Mick Barr Duo (Cellular Chaos, Orthrelm), and a special solo set from Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia). Get tickets HERE.

Here’s more on Azonic from a press release:

Azonic is Blind Idiot God (BIG) founder Andy Hawkins on guitars and Tim Wyskida (Khanate, BIG) on timpani, concert bass drum and gong. The bands signature sound has been dubbed orchestral drone. “From the first booming thud of Wyskida’s timpani,” Echoes and Dust opines “there is an undercurrent of dread that runs through the three pieces here…The dread comes in waves, shot through with moments of shimmering beauty as Hawkins’ guitar rings and shudders through the dark, notes and chords bending and stretching, loops of delay crashing and decaying around them whilst Wyskida stalks around and through, adding subsonic booms, ghostly taps and minimalist distant gong washes…”

As for their new record:

Prospect Of The Deep Volume One includes two side-length pieces, “Oblivion Of The Deep” and “The Argonaut’s Reckoning” on the vinyl LP, and a third bonus piece, “Voices Of The Drowned” on the CD. “Prospect Of The Deep” is a natural progression for Azonic,” guitarist Andy Hawkins explains. “Adding orchestral percussion to the wide angle sonic signature extends depth and the time scale. The result is oceanic in proportion, a relentless power changing the boundaries between states of matter, and the musical landscape itself. It was a long time coming, but the wave has broken.” Tim Wyskida adds “Getting away from a drum kit and behind an old, gargantuan concert bass drum, timpani and gong opened up a wide range of possibilities: longer sustains, lower tones, pitch bending — and they can better withstand a heartless assault.“

Check out the BK show poster and some tracks below.


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