Demilich going on U.S. tour w/ Blood Incantation & Artificial Brain

Finnish techy death metal warriors Demilich have announced an east coast/mid-west tour for this spring, featuring support from Colorado’s Blood Incantation and New York’s Artificial Brain.

Here’s the full scoop from Demilich:

The band responsible for the eruption of Yellowstone Caldera and the rupture of San Andreas Fault that led to vanishing of millions of innocent and corrupted souls in the west coastal areas of the USA in 2016 will return to make things right on the still functional albeit refugee filled East Coast! …What? You’re from California, and you all are still alive? Ok, I might have misinterpreted the news slightly.

Anyway, the tour – arranged by Perdition Booking – will consist of 14 shows from Rhode Island to Florida, and will also feature two great US acts, Blood Incantation and Artificial Brain! We thought of using the ticket money for humanitarian acts, but as it seems there’s no need for such generosity, we’ll simply spend it in your great craft beer.

But wait, there’s more:

I’ll now use this space-time to answer your frequently whined matters:

– New album? – NFI, but I can tell you that we’re currently writing two new songs for two special releases.
– The Nespithe shirt that was promised a year ago? – Yes, still non-existent but to be existent
– The embroidered logo patch? –
– North Korea tour? Only if Mr. Kim will exchange hair styles with Mr. Trump.

Antti Boman, CTO of History Rewriting and Manipulation Department at Demilich, Inc.

The excursion hits NYC at a to be announced venue on May 4. We’ll update this post when more info is revealed. UPDATE: It’s happening at Saint Vitus [TIX]!

In more Artificial Brain news, the guys will also play BK’s The Kingsland (w/ Cognitive, Replacire, Locus Mortis, Haagenti & Animist) on April 15 [TIX], Waterford’s Chrome (as part of ‘Devastation of the Weekend Death Metal Fest’) on June 22 [TIX], and Saint Vitus (as part of ‘NY Deathfest 6’) on August 5 [TIX].

Check out the Demilich tour poster and some tunes below.


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