Pics: Malokarpatan & Negative Plane exterminated Brooklyn Bazaar (3/24)

Photos by Mathieu Bredeau


Slovakian black metal occultists Malokarpatan infested the Brooklyn Bazaar on March 24th, performing with New York-based BM trio Negative Plane. The Signature Riff-presented gig in Brooklyn was part of a bigger eastern USA / Canadian outing for Malokarpatan, with the brief run set to conclude in Toronto this weekend (dates).

The North American shows are in support of Malokarpatan‘s sophomore full-length album, Nordkarpatenland, released Halloween 2017 on Invictus Productions / The Ajna Offensive. Malokarpatan performed new songs in Brooklyn, kicking off their set with their latest single “V okresném rybníku hastrman už po stáročá vyčína (In the provincial pond, a water goblin has been raging for centuries).”

Check out photo coverage and full video (thanks to Unartig) below.

Coming up at Brooklyn Bazaar:

03/30 – Dag Nasty, GIVE, School Drugs
03/31 – Knocked Loose, Terror, Jesus Piece, Year of the Knife (sold out!)
04/04 – Abuse of Power, Except, Symbiote, Liberty, Combust (Cellar)

Negative Plane:



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