Pics: Norma Jean, Gideon, Toothgrinder & Greyhaven crashed Knitting Factory (3/25)

Photos by Alex Basovskiy

Norma Jean

Atlanta metallers Norma Jean have concluded their Redeemer anniversary trek, which kicked off in late February with tour support acts Gideon, Toothgrinder, and Greyhaven. presented the Brooklyn show at Knitting Factory, which went down on March 25th in-front of a completely sold out audience. As promised, Norma Jean performed all 11 tracks off said 1996 LP, dishing out gems like “Blueprints for Future Homes” “A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest,” “The End of All Things Will Be Televised,” “Songs Sound Much Sadder,” and more.

A rabid crowd also enjoyed “I. The Planet” and “Synthetic Sun” off Norma Jean‘s latest effort, Polar Similar, and encore track “Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste” off 2002’s Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child.

We’ve got extensive photo coverage from Norma Jean‘s set, plus shots of Gideon, Toothgrinder and Greyhaven, in the gallery below!

Up next, Knitting Factory and present Metalachi and VIPER at Bowery Electric on April 19 [TIX].

Coming soon to Knitting Factory:

04/07 – Cro-Mags, The Last Stand, Activator, Olor A Muerte, American Slobs
04/08 – Until We Get Caught EP release show
04/11 – Punky Meadows and Frank Dimino of Angel, Wicked, Purple Pam & the Flesh Eaters




Norma Jean:

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