Sargeist performing exclusive USA shows this summer

Finnish black metal demons Sargeist have confirmed exclusive North American tour dates for next month. They write on social media:

Maniacs in United States! Despite things were looking grim due to Metal Threat closing down, the surprise live rites In Los Angeles and Chicago next month are still happening, with an additional New York date added to begin with!

The NY show happens at Brooklyn Bazaar on July 12 with support to be announced [TIX].

The LA show goes down at 1720 on July 13 and the Chicago gig takes place at the Brauerhouse Lombard on July 14 with Mortuary Drape and Volahn (who both play Saint Vitus on 7/28).

Sargeist also perform in Switzerland, Germany and more this year, plus Tennessee’s ‘Nashville Desecration Ritual’ in 2019. Get all upcoming dates here.

The North American tour flyer and a few tunes follow below.



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