Pics: Skinless, Ringworm & Churchburn slaughtered Brooklyn Bazaar (6/8)


New York’s own death metal brutes Skinless recently set out on a trio of Northeast shows which included a stop in MA and two gigs in NY. As part of Northside Fest, the band tackled NYC’s Brooklyn Bazaar on June 8th for a late night party with Ringworm, Churchburn, and Outer Heaven.

Skinless performed new tracks “Savagery,” “Siege Engine” and “Skull Session” from their 2018 record on Relapse Records, Savagery, during their local headliner. A Friday night crowd also slamdanced to Skinless crushers like “Tampon Lollipops,” “Deviation Will Not Be Tolerated,” “Crispy Kids,” “The Optimist,” and other tunes including a cover of Crowbar‘s “High Rate Extinction.”

Ringworm, who return to Brooklyn at Saint Vitus on 7/16, performed at least one track from each LP, belching monstrosities like “Amputee,” “Birth Is Pain,” “The Promise,” “Hellbound,” and more. We caught the end of Churchburn‘s set, which sounded callous, and unfortunately missed Outer Heaven.

Make sure to scroll down below for exclusive photos from the gig.

Coming up at Brooklyn Bazaar:

7/12 – Sargeist, Panzerfaust, Ordeals
7/18 – Thank You Scientist, In The Presence of Wolves, You Bred Raptors?
7/21 – Krallice, Yellow Eyes, Pyrolatrous, Fórn




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