Halcyon Way throwing ‘Bloody But Unbowed’ listening party at Duff’s Brooklyn

On August 3rd, Atlanta prog metal outfit Halcyon Way will finally release their new studio album on Agonia Records titled Bloody But Unbowed, which features the recently released singles “Blame” and “Slaves To Silicon” (stream both below).

Before the album’s unleashing, New York City fans will have the opportunity to hear the entire new Halcyon Way full-length two weeks before street date at a special listening party at Duff’s Brooklyn on July 20. The free party (for those of you 21 and over) kicks off at 9 PM and will also see members of the band hanging out and partying with patrons.

Check out the show flyer and more below!



Bloody But Unbowed track list:

1. Devolutionize
2. Bloody But Unbowed
3. Blame
4. Slaves To Silicon
5. Superpredator
6. Primal Scream
7. Ten Thousand Ways
8. The Church Of Me
9. Cast Another Stone
10. Crowned In Violence
11. Burning The Summit
12. Desolate


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