Black Fast: Drummer Ross Burnett talks ‘Spectre of Ruin,’ working w/ Erik Rutan & more

Black Fast

St. Louis, Missouri-based proggy thrash metal squad Black Fast have officially unleashed today (7/13) their third studio album and second overall effort on eOne Music titled Spectre of Ruin.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy describes the new record as a “very technical form of blackened thrash with an emphasis on tight riffing and extremely driving rhythms.” The LP has spawned punishing singles “Cloak of Lies,” “Silhouette Usurper” and “Husk,” which you can check out at the end of this post.

The band are currently in town celebrating the release of Spectre of Ruin and we had a chance to sit down with drummer Ross Burnett (pictured above, far right) for a brief chat about the new full-length and more.


Was Spectre of Ruin a collaborative effort?

It was. Trevor [seen above, second from left] wrote a ton of the guitar parts, but we always collaborate on everything. If someone brings something to the table that isn’t liked by everyone we won’t do it. We have a pretty laidback yet serious approach to writing.

What are your five favorite bands?

This is an impossible to answer question for me. I listen to a lot of music and a ton of different styles of music. If I attempted to answer this, I’d drive myself insane and probably never whole heartedly be satisfied with my answer.

What are some of your pet peeves while on the road?

I try not to let much rattle me. My biggest pet peeve would have to be terrible drivers I guess. That shit gets to me.

Did you expect to have three albums out that led you to where you are now?

I definitely expected to be making music and putting out albums at some level. I try not to get caught up in over thinking the whole thing. I love playing and making music. If people enjoy it, that’s awesome and a very humbling bonus. I love that we get to tour and play for fans all over. I always want to grow as a musician and a band. Always reaching for new heights, but at the end of the day, if I’d never made it out of my basement with my music I’d still be doing it.

Now that Spectre of Ruin is out, how do you feel about it compared to your prior efforts?

I’m a fan of everything we’ve done. Changes come with time just like anything else. Just like we as people are forever changing so is the music and art we create. I just think of them all as individuals and understand them as that. Kinda like if you have kids you wouldn’t want to always be comparing them to each other. I enjoy it all.

How was it working with Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal again?

Working with Erik is awesome! I love the way he approaches everything. He’s an extremely hard worker and has an infectious positive personality. This time around was cool because we had built a relationship with him from the last album and touring together. We knew what we were walking into. Be prepared, work hard, and ROCK!

When you first started, which musician have you learned from?

Overall, I’d say I’ve learned the most from my band mates and bands we’ve toured with.

Do you think having an online presence is important to your fans?

It is. It doesn’t matter if you agree with all the social media stuff or not, that’s the way it is nowadays. Everyone is connected everywhere, all the time.

What advice do you have for musicians who are just starting out?

Stand up straight, tighten your laces, and only the strong survive.

Anything you’d like to add/say to your fans?

Thanks for the support! Pick up a copy of Spectre of Ruin and piss off your neighbors! Hope to see y’all soon on the road, wherever that may be!


Black Fast are currently on an east coast tour with Ringworm and Cemetery Piss, which hits Buffalo’s Mohawk Place tonight, 7/13 [TIX], and Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus on Monday, 7/16 [TIX]. All upcoming dates are HERE.


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Promo photo by Kenny Williamson