Kayo Dot joins Prophecy Productions ahead of Brooklyn performance

New York-based post-rock/metal act Kayo Dot have revealed that they’ve officially signed with German record label Prophecy Productions. Here’s more info from mainman Toby Driver:

I’m very happy and optimistic about working with Prophecy going forward. Forming a relationship with Prophecy and also becoming more closely connected with some of the major players in the European metal scene has brought up a lot of feelings that, although I haven’t engaged with in many years, still feel like home and family. We’re extremely excited to have this opportunity to bring our music to a wider audience and contribute to this universe in a positive, unique, and progressive way, and we thank Prophecy and everyone involved for believing in us, and we thank Jonathan at The Flenser for encouraging us to make this move.

The news comes in advance of Kayo Dot’s upcoming appearance at the inaugural 2-day Prophecy Fest USA at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on November 2nd with Novembers Doom, So Hideous, Xasthur and Völur. The November 3rd show will see performances by Alcest, Eye of Nix, Crowhurst, Year of the Cobra and 1476. Buy tickets HERE.


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