Pics: Sevendust + Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown played Irving Plaza (10/27)


Supporting their new studio opus titled Book of Bad Decisions, heavy rock legends Clutch recently concluded a headlining tour of North America with great support from Sevendust and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.

The extensive trip invaded New York City last week for a pair of shows at Irving Plaza. The October 26th concert was completely sold out and saw Clutch dish out a hefty 17-song setlist, featuring lots of new songs like “Sonic Counselor,” “Gimme the Keys,” “Vision Quest,” “H.B. Is in Control,” “In Walks Barbarella,” “Ghoul Wrangler,” “Lorelei,” and set closer “How to Shake Hands.” Fans were also treated to big hits such as “The Mob Goes Wild,” “A Shogun Named Marcus,” “El Jefe Speaks,” and more.

For the second night, October 27th, Clutch had to unfortunately cancel their set due to singer Neil Fallon suddenly falling while out and about in NYC. He posted the following message prior to doors opening, “In the early afternoon I went for a stroll. I became light headed and dizzy. Next thing I knew I was coming to on my back in a puddle of water with 2 Secaucus policemen and paramedics staring down at me. I took a header on the sidewalk. Was taken to the ER. Thankfully, both the EKG and CAT scan came back normal. I was diagnosed with something called “Near-Syncope.”” Neil seems to be doing better now.

Regardless, Sevendust and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown kept the show alive, both rocking out to longer sets. As they did for most of the tour, Sevendust performed fresh hits “Dirty” and “Unforgiven” from their latest LP, All I See Is War, along with crowd favorites “Face to Face,” “Denial,” “Waffle,” “Too Close to Hate,” “Bitch,” and “Thank You.” As part of their extended set, the guys pulled out “Ugly,” “Pieces,” “Enemy,” “Trust,” “Praise,” and “Shine,” ending their set with a total of 14 songs.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown jammed out to numbers like “Weak and Weepin’,” “House on Fire,” “Downtown Tonight,” “Don’t Mind the Blood,” “Aftershock,” and more from their only two full-lengths, Wild Child and their 2017 self-titled record. “Mojo Workin” off their The Wayside EP and additional tunes rounded out their set.

Check out exclusive photos from Sevendust and Tyler Bryant‘s set in NYC on 10/27 via the gallery below.

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11/07 – Cursive
11/24 – VNV Nation
11/27 – 3OH!3

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown:


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