Pics: Revocation, Exhumed, Rivers of Nihil & Yautja in NYC (10/18)

Photos by Jonathan Arevalo


Supporting their latest monstrosity on Metal Blade Records titled The Outer Ones, Boston tech-death masters Revocation recently concluded a lengthy North American headlining tour, which featured vicious support from Exhumed, Rivers of Nihil and Yautja.

New York City hosted the bloodbath on October 18th at art cabaret venue Le Poisson Rouge, where Revocation played fresh rippers “The Outer Ones,” “Of Unworldly Origin,” “Blood Atonement,” and “Ex Nihilo,” along with favorites like “Existence Is Futile,” “Chaos of Forms,” “Witch Trials,” and more.

Exhumed played an equally savage set, performing classics such as “In My Human Slaughterhouse,” “Limb from Limb,” “Slaughtercult,” “Forged in Fire (Formed in Flame),” “Deadest of the Dead,” and “Open the Abscess,” as well as newer tracks “Night Work” and “Death Revenge,” plus other tunes.

Rivers of Nihil kicked off their set with new single, “The Silent Life,” which just saw a video premiere, from their latest offering, Where Owls Know My Name. The quintet went on to play new cuts “Death Is Real,” “Where Owls Know My Name,” and “A Home,” plus The Conscious Seed of Light tracks “Mechanical Trees,” “Rain Eater,” and “Soil & Seed,” along with Monarchy‘s title-track.

Yautja jumped started the evening, dishing out a few new songs, along with “Thankful; Appalled” off their EP Songs of Lament, “Processed,” which appears on their Audiotree Live effort, and “Faith Resigned” from their debut LP, Songs of Descent.

Check out photos from NYC in the gallery below.

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