Pics: Suffocation’s Frank Mullen bid a heartfelt farewell at NYC show (11/16)

After 30 years of brutal death metal insanity filled with eight full-length records and countless touring across the globe, Suffocation vocalist Frank “The Tank” Mullen has called it quits, ending his career with one last hurrah aptly titled the ‘Death Chopping North America’ tour.

With support from savage acts Cattle Decapitation, Krisiun and Soreption, the 25-city run kicked off with a hometown show in Wantagh, NY at Mulcahy’s Concert Hall on October 21st, and trampled through numerous huge markets before returning to New York for a completely sold out gig in Manhattan at Gramercy Theatre on November 16th.

At the start of Suffocation‘s set, Frank Mullen took a moment to give an emotional thanks to family, friends, and fans for the many years of support. “There’s no crying in death metal, there’s not,” joked Frank while trying to regain composure. “The only crying in death metal is Jesus Wept, that’s it!”

As they’ve done plenty of times in the past at numerous venues around NYC, Suffocation went on to completely destroy the house, performing a total of 13 of their most ferocious hits, launching Gramercy into madness with opener “Thrones of Blood,” and tearing through “Effigy of the Forgotten,” “Funeral Inception,” “Pierced from Within,” “Surgery of Impalement,” “Liege of Inveracity,” “Catatonia,” and more during their main set.

Rowdy chants from the crowd ushered in the band’s encore, which consisted of “Souls to Deny” and “Infecting the Crypts,” generating a massive circle pit on the main floor, and plenty of soaring bodies. “Holy fucking shit, thank you for everything,” shouted Mullen as the band closed down their set. “I’ll miss you guys, I love you guys.”

The Tank played his last show with Suffocation at Philly’s Reverb the following evening, November 17.

Photos from NYC continue below!

Next up at Gramercy Theater:

12/06 – Like Moths to Flames, Oceans Ate Alaska, Phinehas, Novelists
12/11 – The Devil Wears Prada, Fit For A King, ’68
12/16 – Eve 6


Suffocation – NYC – Gramercy Theatre – 11/16/2018 setlist:

01. Thrones of Blood
02. Effigy of the Forgotten
03. Funeral Inception
04. Pierced from Within
05. Surgery of Impalement
06. Dismal Dream
07. Jesus Wept
08. As Grace Descends
09. Liege of Inveracity
10. Breeding the Spawn
11. Catatonia

12. Souls to Deny
13. Infecting the Crypts


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