NYC area concert listings for Jan. 7 – 13, 2019

Full Blown Chaos destroy The Kingsland on Sun…

Check out a list of rock and metal shows happening in NYC and Long Island this week:

1/8 – Haagenti, Vomit Forth, Bowel Erosion, Discriminatrix @ Saint Vitus [free!]

1/9 – Sugarlife, The Listeners, Finks, Transistor Ray @ Saint Vitus [free!]

1/10 – Cannabis Corpse, Dehumanized, Blame God, Oxalate @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

1/10 – Hammered Hulls, Savak, Fake Names @ Union Pool [TIX]

1/10 – Mindforce, Dead Heat, Ekulu, Restraining Order, Combust, Envision @ Amityville Music Hall [TIX]

1/11 – Emperor X, Good Looking Friends, Stay Inside, Ultra Deluxe @ Goldsounds [TIX]

1/11 – Full Blown Chaos, Palehorse @ The Kingsland [TIX]

1/11 – Funeral Chic, Joy, WVRM, Dreamy D @ Brooklyn Bazaar Cellar [TIX]

1/11 – Magic Circle, Sumerlands, TOWER @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

1/11 – Scallops Hotel, Elucid, Hprizm @ Brooklyn Bazaar [TIX]

1/12 – Pig’s Blood, ASM, Hell’s Hordes, Knight Terror @ The Kingsland [tix at the door]

1/12 – Black Water Rising, Peter Baron’s Thunderfarm, DJ Alex Kayne @ Saint Vitus [tix at the door]

1/12 – Leprosy, Sindrome, Leyenda Urbana, Pro-Fe-Cia, Sueño Callejero @ Polygon BK [TIX]

1/12 – Malignancy, Patterns of Decay, Dead City Crown, Dark After Dawn, Sick Bay @ Blackthorn 51 [TIX]

1/13 – Future Teens, Barely Civil, The Sonder Bombs, Barely March, Dorks., Anxioushum @ Amityville Music Hall [TIX]

1/13 – Graf Orlock, Ache, Sick Shit, Scavengers, Trophy Hunt @ Saint Vitus [TIX]

1/13 – Saliva, In Dead Silence, Inherit The Earth, Lubricoma, Metal Hawks, Devoted Fusion @ Revolution [TIX]


Did we miss anything? If so, let us know in the comments.

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