Coverage: Shinedown ignited CT’s Mohegan Sun (3/2)

Photos by Dhruv Kumar


Mohegan Sun, the hidden gem of Connecticut. This deceivingly large venue was the site for the much anticipated mash-up of three bands with diverse crowds and fans of all music, Asking Alexandria, Papa Roach, and Shinedown. The northeast was hit with a blast of frigid air, high moisture, and the last throws of Old Man Winter, as yet another snowfall came to stave off the coming Spring. Even in this cold, fans would not be deterred, as the snow boots and metal t-shirts started to pack the house on March 2nd. And indeed, this house was packed. Every age range, from the youngest of fans, some barely 10 years old, to the seasoned metalheads, to post-retirement fans, ready to lose themselves in a night of music. People from New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and the rest of the surrounding areas were in attendance.

As fans were finding their seats, Asking Alexandria took to the stage with their single “Into The Fire,” making use of the stage runway and creating intimacy with their audience. Not holding back, lead singer Danny Worsnop embraced the audience throughout the show with style and flare. He addressed the loving crowd and thanked everyone for taking time from their lives to check out this band from York. Lead guitarist Ben Bruce then led the audience charge of “OH EH OH,” as the band said farewell with their single “Alone in a Room,” as the crowd repaid the love after such a firestorm of a performance.

AA‘s Danny Worsnop commands the Mohegan Sun stage…

Shinedown, from Jacksonville, headlined the evening, captivating the audience with “Devil,” from their latest release Attention Attention, as the crowd rose to its feet and roared in approval and glee at the sonic blast, as well as the impressive fire show surrounding the stage. The stage production itself, the most recent imagination and largest endeavor for the band, featured a rounded incline that encircled drummer Barry Kerch. The post-grunge, hard rockers were all about the love, as lead singer Brent Smith encouraged the audience to show love to each other via handshakes and hugs. The gesture of fun, love, peace, and high energy is what the band is all about, and make no mistake, all of that and more livened the show. And the love didn’t stop there, as Smith engaged with fans via handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, and eye contact, even pointing out those singing along to their heartfelt lyrics. The show took a very intimate turn when the band migrated to their much smaller ‘front stage,’ located right in the middle of the audience, kicking off with “Amaryllis” and going on for more.

This show marked the band’s 6th time at Mohegan Sun, and with a bit of humor, Smith asked the audience, “we good tonight?” – which was followed by huge approval. As the intimate set kept pace, Smith disclosed the story behind their song “Misfits” and how it’s about the tangles of teenage love and relationships. He went on to say, though he has no idea where ‘she’ is today, he wishes her well. The next song, “How Did You Love,” featured lead guitarist Zach Myers, who was mourning the unexpected loss of his aunt, on piano, meanwhile bassist Eric Bass picked up the guitar and Smith utilized the tambourine. This was an extremely heartfelt point of the show, as the audience once again rose to their feet to sing along with the band. Truly a special moment.

Smith asked everyone to light up the place with their cell phones as the band lead into “Second Chance,” as he wanted to see the stars in us tonight. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the band performed “Simple Man” by the legendary Lynryd Skynyrd, causing attendees to sing along and belt their lungs out, as they were being fully engrossed into the song. Brent raised his mic into the air, gathering voices from all around him. Back on the main stage and accompanied by an extravagant laser show, Smith directed the crowd to sing the lyrics “Freedom, la la la la” during “Cut the Cord,” as the audience raised their fists in the air before the final song of the main set, “Sound of Madness.”

Ending the night with their heads held high, Shinedown returned to the stage for their encore, performing another new rock anthem, “Brilliant.”

Shinedown are currently on tour in the U.S. through July, and they’ll be back in the Tri-state area in late spring, early summer.

Check out more photos from the show in the gallery below.

Asking Alexandria:



Shinedown Uncasville, CT at Mohegan Sun March 2, 2019 setlist [via]:

From Main Stage:
01. Devil
02. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
03. Enemies
04. Monsters
05. Black Soul
06. I’ll Follow You
07. Unity
08. Get Up
09. Bully

From Front Stage:
10. Amaryllis
11. Misfits
12. How Did You Love
13. Second Chance
14. 45 (first verse and chorus only)
15. Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

From Main Stage:
16. Cut the Cord
17. Sound of Madness
18. Brilliant


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