Pics: Cradle of Filth seduced NYC with help from Wednesday 13 (4/4)

Photos by Mathieu Bredeau

Cradle of Filth

UK gothy / extreme metallers Cradle of Filth brought the second leg of their North American trek in support of their latest release, Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay, to New York City’s Irving Plaza on April 4th, performing in front of a full house.

Just like they did last year at the same venue, Dani Filth and clan screeched, howled and completely shredded their way through their NYC set, showcasing some of their latest tunes like the haunting “Heartbreak and Seance,” along with tracks “Wester Vespertine” and “You Will Know the Lion by His Claw.” Their main set also included big numbers like show starters “Gilded Cunt” and “Nemesis” from 2004’s Nymphetamine, plus “Right Wing of the Garden Triptych” from their prior LP, Hammer of the Witches, “Dusk and Her Embrace” from the 1996 effort of the same name, along with the beefy odyssey “Bathory Aria (I: Benighted like Usher / II: A Murder of Ravens in Fugue / III: Eyes That Witnessed Madness)” from 1998’s Cruelty and the Beast.

An extensive encore saw Cradle of Filth performing five additional songs, including heavy hitters “The Promise of Fever” from 2003’s Damnation and a Day, “Saffron’s Curse” and closer “Her Ghost in the Fog” from legendary record Midian (2000), and a few other tracks.

Horror rock squad Wednesday 13 are providing direct support on the ongoing run, gushing out songs “Prey for Me” and “What the Night Brings” from their latest full-length, Condolences. Ghoulish favorites off 2013’s The Dixie Dead and 2015’s Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague like “Hail Ming,” “Come Out and Plague,” “Serpent Society,” “Get Your Grave On” and a few others rounded out the headbanging fiends’ macabre set in Manhattan.

Fitting for this tour, spooky LA rockers Raven Black are opening all shows, delivering new music in the form of tunes like “Spider,” “13,” “Stick N Stones,” “Seven Sins,” “Carnival,” and more.

CoF and W13 shots from the NYC show can be viewed below.

Coming to Irving Plaza:

04/13 – The Alarm [TIX]
04/17 – La Dispute, Gouge Away, Slow Mass [TIX]
04/19 – Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart, Summoner’s Circle [TIX]
04/27 – Candlebox [TIX]

Wednesday 13:

Cradle of Filth:


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