Coverage: The Plot in You, Like Moths to Flames & Dayseeker in Brooklyn (4/5)

The Plot in You

“Nothing like catching a good metal show on the weekend,” I believe, is what I heard some man in his 60s say to his daughter at the recent Knitting Factory concert on April 5th. These days, metal crowds are very mixed age-wise obviously due to its angsty vibes. Metalcore / alternative metal though brings a very young crowd for sure, which is fun to watch, with these hormone-driven boys jumping around, punching each other, stage diving, and living their best life, all while being lit with the scene girls who came dressed in lace outfits and t-shirts of metal bands they probably never heard of.

Though, the bands that performed that evening did kick ass. Dayseeker was a lot of fun. A band I wasn’t too familiar with, but will keep an eye on and probably check out again. In fact, they just released a new single on all platforms entitled, “Crooked Soul,” which they premiered live in NYC.

Then came Like Moths to Flames who killed it, then killed it again. Straight out of Ohio, they generated a huge crowd, who shared their enthusiasm. The band started their set with two songs off their latest full-length album, Dark Divine, but they eventually also played a lot of older songs off their albums An Eye for an Eye and When We Don’t Exist. Not too long ago, they released an acoustic EP containing unplugged versions of their newest songs, check it out.

The last band to play that evening was The Plot in You, who were definitely more on the sweeter, not as heavy side of things, but they still had the audience moving. At one point I heard a grown man scream to singer Landon Tewers, “You have a voice of an angel,” and at that point I wasn’t too sure if I was still at a metal show. Maybe I’m just older and angrier, and rather have my metal singer have the voice of a growling dog that just spotted a postman bent over, picking up a piece of freshly cooked sirloin beef. The Plot in You performed songs from their latest album, Dispose, which came out in 2018. Go give the new record a listen, and maybe you’ll find solitude in Landon‘s singing capabilities.

Check out photos and fan-filmed videos from Brooklyn below.

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