Tanith book ‘In Another Time’ record release gig in NYC

On May 24th, New York City hard rock/metal crew Tanith will unleash their debut full-length, In Another Time, through Metal Blade Records. The band recently dropped the forthcoming LP’s second single, “Under the Stars,” which you can check out below, along with previously released track, “Citadel (Galantia Pt. 1).”

Talking about the impending effort in a press release, vocalist and bassist Cindy Maynard described the LP as having “great riffs, lots of melody, interwoven parts, and twin fucking guitars!” She went on to say, “I think the record is refreshingly different from so many other records being put out now, and the analog warmth of the recording definitely adds to the feel and experience.”

Vocalist and guitarist Russ Tippins added, “With Tanith we wanted to offer more of a message of hope, and an escape to the realms of fantasy. Broadly speaking, it’s optimism over pessimism.”

To celebrate In Another Time‘s release, Tanith have confirmed a record release party at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus for May 26. Presented by Revolver Magazine, the event will feature support from The Golden Grass and will be filmed for later viewing. Tickets are on sale now.

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In Another Time track-listing:

1. Citadel (Galantia Pt. 1)
2. Book of Changes
3. Wing of the Owl (Galantia Pt. 3)
4. Cassini’s Deadly Plunge
5. Under the Stars
6. Mountain
7. Eleven Years
8. Dionysus
9. Under the Stars (Reprise)


Tanith line-up:

Russ Tippins – Guitars, Vocals
Cindy Maynard – Bass, Vocals
Charles Newton – Guitars
Keith Robinson – Drums


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