Pics: HammerFall brought new tunes to Brooklyn (9/10)

Photos by Jonathan Arevalo


Supporting their newest full-length album on Napalm Records titled Dominion, Swedish heavy metal greats HammerFall recently invaded the U.S. for a trio of LP release shows which they dubbed ‘Three Nights of Dominion.’

Following gigs in LA and San Diego, the quintet raided NYC for a show at Brooklyn Bazaar on September 10. The evening saw HammerFall perform songs “Never Forgive, Never Forget,” “One Against the World,” “Dominion” and “(We Make) Sweden Rock” in-front of a packed house, introducing the Big Apple to their headbanging new anthems. Rounding out the 15-song set, the band pulled out huge favorites like “Any Means Necessary,” “Let the Hammer Fall,” “The Dragon Lies Bleeding,” “Hector’s Hymn,” “Last Man Standing,” closing song “Hearts on Fire” and select others.

Photos from the show, including shots of opening acts Solomonic Demons, ShadowStrike and Winter Nights, can be viewed via the gallery below.

HammerFall return to NYC at PlayStation Theater on November 2, performing alongside Sabaton [TIX]. All upcoming dates are HERE.

Solomonic Demons:


Winter Nights:



HammerFall – Brooklyn Bazaar 09/10/2019 – setlist:

01. Never Forgive, Never Forget
02. One Against the World
03. Renegade
04. Riders of the Storm
05. Hector’s Hymn
06. Blood Bound
07. Any Means Necessary
08. Hero’s Return
09. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
10. Last Man Standing
11. Dominion
12. Let the Hammer Fall
13. Hammer High

14. (We Make) Sweden Rock
15. Hearts on Fire