Pics: Soulfly, Unearth, Evergrey, Incite + more at Le Poisson Rouge (9/11)

Pics by Jonathan Arevalo


Soulfly‘s ongoing ‘Blood On The Street Tour‘ landed at Le Poisson Rouge on September 11, an evening that, once again for the second time this year (did you catch them at Gramercy in February?), saw the band bringing their latest full-length effort, Ritual, to New York City’s moshing masses. Fresh anthems “The Summoning,” “Under Rapture,” “Ritual” and “Dead Behind the Eyes” sent the sweaty horde into a frenzy, meanwhile legendary rippers like “Fire / Porrada,” “Bleed / Plata,” “Back to the Primitive,” “No Hope = No Fear” and “Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye” kept the chaos at maximum intensity.

Additional highlights from Soulfly‘s set include a cover of the popular The Wailers song “Get Up, Stand Up,” and a rendition of the uber classic track “Tribe” (with a berimbau intro by leadman Max Cavalera). Guitarist Marc Rizzo‘s trademark highflying kicks and jumps were only surpassed by his cutthroat guitar shreds, meanwhile bassist Mike Leon and drummer Zyon Cavalera provided the pounding backdrop to the band’s indigenous grooves.

The evening featured hours of metal madness thanks to the diverse opening lineup consisting of Unearth, Evergrey, Incite, Prison, Shattered Sun and Arrival of Autumn. Check out live shots from NYC in the gallery below.

Soulfly‘s headlining tour runs through the end of the month, culminating in LA at the Whisky A Go Go on Sept. 29. All remaining dates are HERE.

Coming soon to Le Poisson Rouge:

09/28 – Strung Out, The Casualties, Bastard Clan [TIX]
10/15 – Oranssi Pazuzu, Insect Ark [TIX]
10/22 – Swervedriver, Mily and The Cosmic Sunshine [TIX]

Shattered Sun: