Aquilus upload “Into Wooded Hollows” video

Melbourne, Victoria-based atmospheric metal band Aquilus have shared their new video for fresh track titled “Into Wooded Hollows,” which serves as the first single from their new album titled ‘Bellum I’ (out December 3rd via Blood Music).

For their concept, the old women lighting a fire in the dark represents death,” states Aquilus’ Horace Rosenqvist. “The young woman washing her clothes in the water at sunset represents life and rebirth.”

A presser states, ““Into Wooded Hollows” is the first new music from the enigmatic band since the release of Griseus, an album that became one of the most whispered-about secrets in the metal scene, following its quiet release a decade ago. Ten years in the making, Bellum I continues AQUILUS’s signature blend of acoustic elements with an assortment of acoustic guitars and pianos to violins, mandolas, fipple flutes, balalaika, gusli and bowed psaltery, recalling the aura and dexterity of emotive film composers Bernard Herrmann and Thomas Newman. Once work began, the opus grew so furiously that the decision was ultimately made to split it into two parts, beginning with Bellum I. Bellum I is a stunning tribute to perfection. and a testament to the beauty and chaos of creation.”

‘Bellum I’ is an atmospheric metal album with a fusion of classical/film, folk and black metal influences, continuing in the tradition of the work started on the first album, ‘Griseus,’ and evolving to new levels,” Rosenqvist adds.


‘Bellum I’ track listing:
1. The Night Winds of Avila
2. Into Wooded Hollows
3. Eternal Unrest
4. Moon Isabelline
5. The Silent Passing
6. Embered Waters
7. Lucille’s Gate
8. Empyreal Nightsky

Aquilus online:

Artist photo by Mortimer Bellchambers

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