Behemoth drop new EP ‘A Forest’, launch new single “Evoe”

Polish extreme metal favorites Behemoth have officially unleashed their new EP, ‘A Forest,’ today, May 29th in digital format (with additional physical copies available for purchase).

The four-track effort leads with a cover of The Cure classic, “A Forest” (features Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth), and concludes with new single, “Evoe,” which has been made available for online streaming (check out the official video visualizer below).

Frontman Nergal comments:

‘Evoe’ and ‘Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha’ are two brand-new, unheard songs that continue on from ‘ILYAYD’ left off. We’re fortunate enough to have had more than enough music for the record which afforded us this transitional EP release as we move towards our new offerings. These songs may be B-Sides, but they’re really strong and fresh! At the very least, we hope it gives you Legions something to distract yourself from the monotony of our collective situation. Enjoy!

In addition, Behemoth posted a live video version of “A Forest” just yesterday, filmed in Helsinki on the last day of their 2020 trek with Slipknot.

Nergal continues to say:

Covering music outside of metal is a challenge – covering legendary music is an even greater challenge…that is what drove us throughout this process. A lot of bands try it and a lot of bands fail; subjectively, I love the outcome and it ranks amongst my favourite Behemoth covers alongside Killing Joke’s ‘Total Invasion’ and Siekiera’s ‘Ludzie Wschodu’.
For the second time in 2020, I’ve recruited Niklas Kvarforth from Shining. Niklas’ psychotic appearance, attitude and vibe was a key element to our representation of the music and the only man who could give the performance the same depth as the original.

‘A Forest’ track-listing:
1. A Forest (feat. Niklas Kvarforth)
2. A Forest (Live from Merry Christless, Warsaw, Poland, December 2018) [feat. Niklas Kvarforth]
3. Shadows ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha
4. Evoe

Stream “Evoe”:

Concert shot by Lina Glasir

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