Dead Empires to stop performing shows indefinitely

New York’s own proggy/sludgey metallers Dead Empires have decided to call it quits, at least for now. On social media, they write:

Oh hello.

We have decided to stop taking shows and performing. We don’t know what the future will bring, but for now we wanted to express heartfelt appreciation and say thank you to everyone who has supported us all these years for a rich and unforgettable experience together. Everyone will be continuing to make music, you can find music and shows from our new projects out there, but that’s it for Dead Empires for now. It’s been fun. Keep your hearts open, take care of each other, until next time…

with love,
your friendly neighborhood Dead Empires

Dead Empires formed in 2009, eventually releasing three full-length records: ‘Waiting in Waves’ (2012), ‘Secret Snakes / Silent Serpent’ (2015) and ‘Designed to Disappear’ (2018), with Metal Injection claiming Dead Empires’ most recent LP to “be possibly the most impressive attempt at redefining metalcore or hardcore-driven metal music in recent years.”

Dead Empires performed mostly local area shows throughout 2019, sharing the stage with High Reepers, Vomit Fist, Orthopedic Cranial Encavement, Sachem and others.

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