Ecclesia usher in the dark ages with new hymn, “Montségur” (exclusive stream)

French doom/epic/heavy metal inquisitors Ecclesia are getting ready to turn loose their debut full-length album, ‘De Ecclesiæ Universalis,’ on November 13th through their brand new home at Aural Music (pre-order the LP: Bandcamp + Label). The impending opus follows the heresy-fighting clan’s self-unleashed 2017 EP/demo, aka their first-ever official release, ‘Witchfinding Metal of Doom.’

Ecclesia is very pleased to seal a deal with the mighty Aural Music,” said the band regarding their fresh arrangement with said independent metal imprint. “We have been working hard the past 4 years to put out our first record ‘De Ecclesiæ Universalis’ and we really can’t wait to chase the heretic wherever they may hide. The Inquisition is starting anew, you better be prepared.

Today, fans can tune in below for the premiere of “Montségur,” Ecclesia’s ravishing new single filled with beefy riffs, symphonic charm, heroic vocals and the band’s traditional divine rage, with its lyrical theme being inspired by the 12th century dark medieval age of Holy Inquisition.

For lovers of late ’80s heavy/doom tunes and bands like Candlemass, Cathedral and Solitude Aeturnus, check out “Montségur” by Ecclesia below and stay tuned for more from the French scrutinizers.

‘De Ecclesiæ Universalis’ track listing:
01. Excommunicamus
02. Vatican III
03. Ecclesia Sathani
04. Montségur
05. Behold the Heretic Burning
06. Antichristus
07. Deus Vult
08. God’s Trial
09. Burn the Witch (Venom cover)
10. Ite Missa Est

Ecclesia line-up:
Frater Arnhwald : Vocals
Julius Accusator: Lead Guitar
The Witchfinder General: Rhythm Guitar
Frater Ignis Sacer: Bass
Pater Hexenhammer: Drums
Pater Walkelinus: Organ

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