Francis Roberts to release cinematic album, ‘Story From Another Time’

Producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Francis Roberts (Old Man Wizard/King Gorm) has revealed plans to release a cinematic album dubbed ‘Story From Another Time’ on November 6, 2020 in digital and cassette formats. The album is comprised of two tracks with each song reaching eighteen minutes in length.

Francis said of the effort, “I wrote and recorded this a few months ago, inspired by additional material and concepts that didn’t make it into my score for a portion of the forthcoming film The Spine of Night. I was so pleased with the result that I decided I had to let it sit while I planned a more proper release. I did this to push the limits of my ability to compose campy 1970s style cinematic music. It’s one of my favorite recordings I’ve created.

Roberts added, “I used pretty much all of my synthesizers and samplers to record it, with the basis of side one being a heavily edited and resampled guitar improvisation and the basis of side two being seemingly endless string loops and bizarre Berlin school style sequences. The album artwork is from a painting called Slayer of the Old Wyrm by Valin Mattheis, one of my favorite currently active artists (whose work you may recognize from my releases with Old Man Wizard). The album will be available digitally and as a very limited cassette (33 copies).

You can preorder the album via Bandcamp.

ICYMI, Francis Roberts recently released a new dungeon synth album titled ‘Under the Forgotten Village.’


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