God’s Hate drop new track “Be Harder”

Hardcore beasts God’s Hate – the band co-founded by Colin Young of Twitching Tongues and vocalist/’Ring of Honor’ professional wrestler Brody King – have premiered their new song “Be Harder” which appears on the act’s upcoming self-titled album on Closed Casket Activities (due March 12 – pre-order).

My biggest pet peeve in hard music is when a band is afraid to go all the way musically,” Colin states. “Don’t be a hard band with no hard parts. And you gotta ask yourself why before writing every single song: Why does this song exist? What am I trying to say and what am I trying to do? If it doesn’t evoke some kind of emotion, what’s the point?

Some bands write a record every year, which is crazy,” Colin adds. “Other bands write albums with 12 or 13 songs, but you can tell they put everything into five or six of those songs. My goal was to write an album full of songs that could be my favorite song. And yeah—this would’ve been out a lot sooner had COVID not happened, but I’m sure that’s the story for every band on the planet right now.

Tracked at The Pit in Van Nuys, CA, by Colin’s brother Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues, ZOUS) between August 2019 and the summer of 2020, the record marks a significant lineup shift for God’s Hate,” adds a press release regarding the upcoming effort. “This time, Colin, King, and guitarist Anthonie Gonzalez are joined by Twitching Tongues bassist Alec Faber, Taylor Young on lead guitar, and third guitarist Martin Stewart. As if that weren’t enough, Colin moved over to drums.

Check out “Be Harder”:

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