Pain of Salvation band promo 2020

Pain of Salvation release lyric video for “Unfuture”

Sweden prog rock/metal outfit Pain of Salvation have officially launched their new studio album ‘Panther‘ worldwide through InsideOutMusic.

Pain of Salvation’s Daniel Gildenlöw checked in with the following message regarding the new release:

This album is for you, or someone you know. It is for the restless, the shy, the motormouths, the passionate, the ones who go far beyond the point of reason for what you believe in, the outsiders, the diagnosed, the medicated, the hungry, the sad, the ones walking around daily trying to understand how to fit in with this species, with this era. It’s for everyone who always had problems sitting still in the class room, or who never really knew how to speak up. The daydreamers, the relentlessly curious, the comedians, the unexplainably angry. This is your album. Because you, my friend, are a panther. And you are a valued member of the Full Throttle Tribe. Ladies and gentlemen, rev your engines, the world is about to get panthered! 🙂 #areyouapanther

To celebrate the LP’s unleashing, the band have dropped an official lyric video (created by Thomas Hicks) for track “Unfuture.”


Pain of Salvation – ‘Panther’:

1. Accelerator
2. Unfuture
3. Restless Boy
4. Wait
5. Keen To A Fault
6. Fur
7. Panther
8. Species
9. Icon

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