Refused announce new EP, drop Swedish House Mafia reimagined cover

A year has passed since the release of Refused’s fifth full-length album War Music.

November 20 will bring a new round of the band’s hook-laden, political post-hardcore and punk rock. That’s when the new The Malignant Fire EP drops.

With the release of the first track “Born On The Outs,” anticipation for the latest EP, which includes four new songs and one album track, is starting to build.

Listen to and watch the video for “Born On The Outs” here [embedded below].

Covering EDM legends Swedish House Mafia’s hit “Greyhound” might seem a bit out of the ordinary. But Refused crafted lyrics for the otherwise instrumental track, and along with the video, have become the architects of the Refused version called “Born On The Outs” in typical, catchy Refused fashion.

Kris [Steen, guitars] has talked about the riff in the Swedish House Mafia song ‘Greyhound’ forever, so we decided to give it our own spin,” singer Dennis Lyxzén says. “[Drummer] David [Sandström] and I added some lyrics for this version, which we’ve called ‘Born On The Outs.’ Make no mistake though; this is very much ‘Greyhound.’ But with added lyrics about people who refused to take a side in the ongoing fight against fascism. So, you know, another ordinary Refused song.

As for the EP, Lyxzén shares, “There are certain traditions within the Refused camp and one of the sturdiest is the idea that after every album there comes an EP. This time, however, I think that we outdid ourselves. ‘Malfire’ is my favorite song of the record so it’s more than fitting that we shine some extra light on that. This EP was supposed to be something that was released before a tour but in these weird times that tour never happened. However, this still a great EP that follows a great record. More than ever, we need music to lead the way when things are the darkest. Here’s a little attempt from us.

Alongside “Born On The Outs””and “Malfire,” the The Malignant Fire EP is rounded out with three brand new songs from the band. The EP will be available on all streaming sites, as well as on vinyl, which can be purchased here with some exclusive t-shirt bundle options.

The Malignant Fire EP Track Listing:
“Born On The Outs”
“Organic Organic Organic (Go Fuck Yourself)”
“Faceless Corporate Violence”
“Jackals Can’t Be Bothered To Dream”

Press release courtesy of Freeman Promotions / Atom Splitter PR


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