SERUM 114 releases new single/video “Freiheit”

Today, German rock band SERUM 114 releases their long-awaited new single, “Freiheit” (engl. freedom), along with an authentic music video, fresh off their upcoming album Im Zeichen der Zeit, to be released via Napalm Records on September 18th, 2020.

With a resounding sizzle and the first chords, SERUM 114’s new single promises a bittersweet summer feeling. The passionate mid-tempo hymn breathes the feeling of an intensive gaze into far horizons and the light heaviness of memories. In an honest and authentic manner, “Freiheit” leaves space for both: a brief pause and a gloomy retrospective of moments filled with happiness. The track leaves you thoughtful at first sight, but overwhelms your mind with a feather-light feeling of cheerfulness at second glance.

In a visually stunning Sicilian ambient, the accompanying audiovisual underlines the melancholy enriched by a wisp of joy and takes the listener to his personal place of memories. “Freiheit” offers a slight pre-taste off the upcoming album, which will be released towards the end of the year: Rebellious, honest and never adapted. For the rest of your life: freedom!

SERUM 114 on their new single “Freiheit”:
“After a long break, we are happy to finally be able to hit the road again with a fresh piece of rock and, once again, break new musical ground. Together with the producers & musicians Arne Wiegand, Ruben Berger and Hans Koch (8Kids) we have succeeded in opening new doors for ourselves and further developing the sound of Serum 114”.

Watch the new video for “Freiheit” HERE:

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