Arcanum Sanctum share “A Perfect Place (to Hide)” guitar playthrough, new record out now

Russian melodic death metal band Arcanum Sanctum have unleashed a new guitar playthrough video for their single “A Perfect Place (to Hide),” which appears on the band’s just released new record, ‘Ad Astra.’ Stream the new clip below.

Here’s more info on Arcanum Sanctum and their new album via a press release:

After two well-received albums of catchy uptempo melodic thrash-death metal with traditional harsh vocals the band decides to step aside from the beaten path and explore new grounds. This exploration turns into a breathtaking journey through space and time. The band finds its inexhaustible source of inspiration in the past. It’s not a secret that things we encounter as kids leave the deepest traces in our souls. By a twist of fate all members of Arcanum Sanctum were born at the end of a so-called Golden Age of Space exploration and caught its echoes in a form of sci-fi books, movies, cartoons and associated soundtracks popular in their childhood. Still exciting and inspiring for the band, this theme determines the new direction its music takes on the new album.

‘Ad Astra’ is dedicated to the Soviet science fiction with lyrics based on the works of the Soviet sci-fi writers and the music significantly influenced by the Soviet sci-fi movie soundtracks and such bands with progressive and non-trivial approach, like Amorphis and Dark Tranquillity. The English language of the lyrics opens the worlds created behind the “Iron Curtain” to those who is not familiar with the Soviet school of sci-fi devoid of shopworn alien invaders and apocalyptic prophecies, while the deep and majestic growls and confident clean singing of the new vocalist Ivan Beschastny embody spiritual and physical strength of the men of future.


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