Bad Wolves release cover of Linkin Park’s “Crawling”

LA metallers Bad Wolves recently released (via their Patreon) a cover of the Linkin Park favorite, “Crawling,” which you can check out below.

Regarding the track, leadman Tommy Vext comments:

This one cost a lot of tears.

One of the most relatable songs I’ve ever felt in my bones.
I had the privilege of meeting Chester in 2017 in Madrid with 5FDP @downloadfestmad

He was an extremely humble and kind man from our interaction. For the sake of professionalism I never told him how his honesty in his art inspired me. How his courage to be who he was gave us all a little more strength.

He died some weeks later & as I have seen countless times in recovery, we never know what someone is truly going through often until it’s too late.

We are in a horrific times right now as it pertains to mental health. Suicides are on the rise as people are struggling to find routine, comfort and connection. But you’re not alone. The stuff will comeback, Businesses can be rebuilt, new relationships blossom, money comes and goes but life is a limited time offer.

I hope that you stick around for it.

Love you guys & thank YOU for carrying me through the dark.


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RIP Chester 🖤

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UPDATE: Here’s a full, in-studio performance of the cover track:

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