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Barishi debut drum playthrough for “Entombed in Gold Forever”

Progressive sludge metal act Barishi have revealed an official drum playthrough clip for their song “Entombed in Gold Forever,” which is taken from their latest release, ‘Old Smoke.’ The video can be seen below.

A previously released playthrough for “The Longhunter” can also be seen HERE.

‘Old Smoke’ is out now and can be ordered in various formats HERE.

‘Old Smoke’ can be streamed HERE.


‘Old Smoke’ Track-list:
1. The Silent Circle (10:53)
2. Blood Aurora (10:22)
3. The Longhunter (06:20)
4. Cursus Ablaze (02:05)
5. Entombed in Gold Forever (06:35)
6. Old Smoke (13:25)
Album Length: 49:36

Recording Line-up:
Graham Brooks – Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Kelley – Bass Guitar
Dylan Blake – Drums/Percussion

Current Live Lineup:
Graham Brooks – Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Kelley – Bass Guitar
Dylan Blake – Drums
Joe Nickerson (Lich King) – Guitar

Guest Musicians: Mikey Allred played Keyboards/ Synth on all tracks except “The Longhunter”

Recording studio: Dark Art Audio, Nashville, TN, USA

Producer, mixing, mastering, and sound engineer: Mikey Allred

Cover artwork: Kuba Sokolski

Photo Credit: Josh Steele

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